Bags of Books

I was inspired many months ago by all the pretty library totes I saw online. Most of them were very simple bags that were cutely embellished like these that I pinned on pinterest: (I have no idea how to put those pictures with a link to my pin page in here – so you’ll just have to click through to see.)

Flour Sack Book Bag from I <3 Organizing
Library Tote
Library Book Bag
Library bag

I decided, of course, to do my own thing.


I purchased some cheapy canvas tote bags and then used heat ‘n bond ultrahold to attach the letters and fabric scraps. Now each of the kids and I have our own tote bag. I think this will come in very handy this summer. The kids love getting books from the library. Lots of books. The Summer Reading Program begins tomorrow with our very favorite magician, Chris Egleston. Here Taylor is helping him on stage, last year. :)

06-04-12 Taylor helping magician Chris Egelston at Summer Reading (4)

The library always hands out plastic bags (with the summer reading theme) to carry books in, but they don’t really hold up to carrying books, IMO. We usually just put most of the books in one bag, that I end up carrying, and the kids carry what won’t fit, or I do, because you know I have 30 hands. ;) I think this will be much better! Everyone carrying their own bag of books (except maybe, Kyler, though he does love the library and returning books to the circulation desk.) We already have a list of things and their call number/letters to make life easier tomorrow. Yay!

Close ups of my favorite bags:

DSCN8496 DSCN8497 DSCN8498

I chose the fabric and bag color for mine and for Kyler’s. Then I let the big kids choose from the colors that were left and pick out their own fabric. They chose some combinations that I wasn’t really fond of, but now that they are done I like them all. I didn’t put a library card pocket on, because I really think the cards are safer in my wallet. I might add a luggage tag to one of the straps for the big kids or I might add a pocket on the back later, and I might not too. Read lots this summer, friends, you know we will be!


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  1. allison says:

    Tabitha, I love the luggage tags you made for party favors at some point for us. I would love to pay you to make us an extra set, because not all of my kids know where there tags are. Please email me and let me know if you can do it at some point, and how it would be :)

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