How I Know

I know that I am exactly where God wants me this week. Wanna know how I know? Satan is attacking me over and over again. Our vacation bible school is this week. We have two more days. I am over the VBS preschool director and I love decorating, organizing, leading and keeping everything on schedule. I love the kids and planting seeds, however small they might be. The kids have been having a great time, but I have been running around like a crazy chicken a lot of the time. There have been a few mishaps that have made me feel like quitting. I’ve seen pictures of my oldest being sad, for what seems like a silly reason to me, but the sad face makes me sad too. We’ve had a couple of difficult things happen and we’ve gotten through them, but they happened. At the beginning I was lacking in encouragement too. I needed some praise and wasn’t getting it anywhere. It felt like I was supposed to quit. I know this is how Satan works, though. I know he plants seeds of doubt. I know he throws problems in my face. He wants me to quit. He wants me to give up. He wants to destroy me and my mission. Not tonight. Get behind me Satan. My God is bigger and greater than you and I serve Him. He will get all the glory for everything wonderful that happens and all the seeds that have been planted by all the VBS workers this week. We will overcome [Satan] because Jesus already has and He is fighting for us. We will overcome.

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