What do we deserve?

Today was our first school day for the 2013-2014 year. During our Bible time we read Luke 22:39-65. After I finished reading to the kids, Taylor had some insight.

She said: Now, that was bad. What if it had been me? (meaning what if she had been taken and beaten like Jesus)
Me: Indeed, what if it had been?
Taylor: I would have deserved it, because I’ve been bad everyday of my life.

Now, while I don’t want to encourage her in thinking that she is a bad girl, she is exactly right. It should have been each of us who suffered as Christ did. But He took our place. No, we don’t deserve all that we have on our own and yes, we do fall short and sin most, if not every, days. Our goal should be to live like Jesus did, but none of us can attain perfection. He loves us anyway, and I am glad that I go the chance through this passage to have this conversation with my daughter.

If she were in public school we might never have discussed this. Home school is great, for so many reasons. As we all start up a new year and emotions fly high and there are so many arguments about which schooling is right and best I will remember this conversation that was made possible by our choice to home school. Our number one goal is not to produce the most intelligent (though that would be fine) or richest (in money) adults, but those who love Christ the most and fulfill the plans God has for their life on this earth. And you won’t find that taught in any public school today.

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