I <3 the Farmer's Market

I was asked a couple of months ago if I wanted to set up with a few friends at our local Farmer’s Market to sell my items. I have been there three Saturdays and have enjoyed it. Here is what I have had for sale:


The Farmer’s Market is a busy and fun place. I had shopped there before, but sitting there and talking to customers and friends is so much fun. Everyone is friendly on Saturday morning at the square! I did pretty well the first time in sales and okay the second time and sadly didn’t sell anything on the third Saturday. I know most people are going to the market to buy produce and food items, so it isn’t really bothering me. It’s just nice to take a day for myself and to try to sell some things. It sounds like the market may run into November, so I hope to be able to set up a couple more times. I need to get some of these new ideas out of my head and into reality first though!

In doing the market, and making some new products, I have also gotten a few outside orders which has been nice and encouraging. Hoping to pick up a few more orders before Christmas time.

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