Crazy Hard

Lately, life with four children has been so difficult.

Our sixth grader has made life a little more difficult (until now he was pretty easy to parent) with attitude and what I am guessing are normal sixth grade boy changes. He is very up and down with his emotions some days and that isn’t very fun!

I have been researching a lot of different things in regards to Taylor and though I don’t want to label her, her actions and demeanor for her whole life seems to be consistent with a “High Needs Child”. It is nice to see some other moms with similar experiences and read suggestions that they have. I have always thought Taylor was just so much more difficult because she was a girl (my boys have all been easy to do anything with up to this point), but I have had several people point things out about her lately and my feelings were getting hurt, so I started looking into things more. I am glad I did! The first two columns in this chart describe Taylor’s traits exactly. Seeing the traits in that third column is very reassuring!

Kameron is really pretty easy to parent right now, except when he decides to jump in when someone else is misbehaving. ;)

I guess the only thing I have to say about Kyler is: two. years. old. This week alone he has dumped white paint all over my sunroom and then tracked it around the house, shattered a glass jar all over the floor, sprayed half of my t-shirts with bleach water, and thrown mashed up cupcake all over the kitchen. This morning he also woke up before us and went through my purse, taking a bite out of my lip balm and gloss and removing all my cards from my wallet. It’s not like I’m not watching him and letting him hang out by himself all day. Every time I turn around he is into something and I am about to go crazy! I am all about living in our house and not having things be perfect (just ask my husband!) but ruining clothes (with paint and bleach) is just not cool. Glass in my foot isn’t really nice either! I feel the need to just have a house of padded rooms right now. Oh, and his favorite word is naked. None of the others ever cared about being naked or anyone else being naked, but if he sees someone in a swimsuit he yells naked…

I’m not complaining about being a parent {for anyone who thinks I might be!} It is incredibly hard though. I enjoyed this article yesterday. I was the mom with the screaming child (about cereal, no less) a couple of weeks ago. I completely understand and I am so glad that there are people out there who will stand up for those parents who have a bad day. No, every day is not bad and every day is not good. “Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do.” With a lot of grace (to and from me) we will get through this stage of life.

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