Birthday Girl


Yesterday was Taylor’s 8th birthday. She was really hoping for a party and even though she knew we weren’t going to have one she kept asking about one and planning it out. Since I knew she would be disappointed if she didn’t get to do anything I decided that we would have a girl’s day out. I usually do my grocery shopping on Saturday, while Kody watches the kids, so this was a good day for us to go out by ourselves.

First, we stopped by the local farmer’s market to buy a few vegetables and see some friends. My friend Allison gave Taylor a crocheted flower for her hair, which was really sweet. Then we bought a fried chocolate pie for her to eat for breakfast. I know, not healthy, but you only get one 8th birthday. After the market we went to a book fair that was happening that day. We found some really good deals on some books that we both wanted. Then we stopped at the library for more books (what can I say? We love our books.)

Next, we had to do some of the actual grocery shopping, so off to Walmart we went. While there we found a few things that weren’t on the list that the birthday girl didn’t think she could live without and it was her birthday after-all. The wished for birthday lunch was Burger King. This was hard for me since it is my least favorite restaurant in Murray, but we managed to get through. She had fun and that’s all that matters. I suggested many much nicer places and that is what she wanted. Dessert was from a frozen yogurt place in town. We both like it a lot, so it is a staple in a girl’s day out!

We had to buy a couple of things that I get at Cracker Barrel, so we played a game of checkers and rocked a little bit. Sadly, for her, I won. ;) Then we finished up our grocery shopping at Kroger. After that I had a little surprise for her. We picked her bff up and took her home with us for the afternoon. I made the requested cake and Taylor opened presents. It was a fun day. Exhausting for me, but totally worth it to see her be happy on her birthday.


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