We’ve got spirit, yes we do!

Last week was Homeschool Spirit Week. Our local group changed the schedule around a bit to fit our needs. Monday was Pajama Day. Not a huge stretch for us. We have homeschool spirit every week!


Tuesday was Crazy hair day, which we skipped.

Wednesday was Get out of the House day. To show our spirit that day we attended a play at the local university, The Frog Prince. The kids enjoyed it and we had a little schoolwork to go with it the next day. We also went to lunch with some of our homeschool friends. Then we spent the afternoon at Kody’s parents house and went to church in the evening. The three younger kids are working on the Christmas programs in choir, so there is lots of singing all the time.


Thursday was superhero day. We didn’t do anything special for this. I did tell the kids they could dress up or wear the superhero t-shirts, but no one seemed to want to do any of that. We love superheroes, so not sure what the lack of spirit was about!

Friday was Volunteer day. We went to the park with a group and picked up trash.

DSCN9726 DSCN9727 DSCN9728

We also tie-dyed t-shirts, for art class, while we were there. I made a fringe scarf out of an old shirt. I really like it and can’t wait to wear it! These are our new field trip “uniforms”.

DSCN9721 DSCN9724 DSCN9741 DSCN9742

We had a fun week and learned some things while we were at it. ;) Hope you all had a great one too!

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