Random Thoughts for a Tuesday

1. I just made some iced tea. My favorite glass of tea is the first one out of the pitcher. It is still warm and the way that warmth mingles with the ice cubes is just the perfect goodness. The first glass is also the perfect sweetness. When I get to the bottom of the pitcher it’s almost like syrup… I do love my tea, hot or iced.

2. Do you ever think about words and why they are what they are and where they come from? I do all the time. Yesterday I was thinking, again, about the word refrigerator. Why isn’t it just a frigerator. Many of the things we put in it haven’t been in it before, so why the re? This made me google it and I found some answers (and some ridiculous stories.) The word comes from the Latin roots re- and -frigus, which mean to cool again. When refrigerators were invented most items that people put in them were already “frigerated” in the store, so they were refrigerating them at home. Anyway, if you’re interested in more information, you can do the same thing I did. :) I often wonder if other people are as curious as I am about words or if others just use them and go on with life. Are words important to you?

3. This government shut down is crazy. I don’t remember the one in 1995, so I didn’t even realize it could happen. It also seems kind of silly and pointless to me. They’ll still be paying the most expensive salaries and it just doesn’t seem like it will solve any problems. It will only make life difficult for many people. I hope all of this is over soon!

4. I feel like I am being pulled so many directions lately and like I’m not getting to do much of the things I enjoy (sewing, knitting, exercising, reading, blogging) and that make me a better person. I am trying to make it a point to get the things done that I have to and to make time for the things I enjoy. So far it is working. :) Sometimes it is hard not to get stuck in a “stare at the computer” rut, but I am trying to make sure I stay away from it for the most part.

5. I hope you have a good day!

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