We’ve spent a lot of time in pajamas during the last two weeks. Monday, the 23rd of September, was homeschool pajama day and we celebrated. Let’s face it, we actually spend a lot of some days in our pajamas.

On Wednesday the kids and I went to a fabric store on the way to their grandparents’ house. Kameron really wanted to buy some fabric, so I let him pick some out. He liked a flannel dinosaur print that I thought was pretty cute too. I told him I would make him some pajama pants with it.

Fast forward to last Sunday, September 29th, when the kids had pajama night at AWANA. After church in the morning, Kameron begged me to make him the pants so he could wear them that night. I told him, no, that I had other things to work on. Well, I got those things finished and I decided instead of starting something else, I would start his pants. I was able to finish them in time for him to wear them. He was so excited and he looked so cute!


I put a little piece of bias tape in the back as a tag, just so he would know which side was the back.


The pants have a nice cuff that will also make it so the pants can be lengthened if he grows taller while staying skinny.


I bought a pair of large women’s pajama pants a few months ago at a thrift store for $2 or $3 intending to make them smaller for myself because I loved the print. Taylor saw them and claimed the fabric for herself, so this week I tackled those. Here are her cute new Christmas pajama pants. I put in a little tag for the back and a bow on the front. Someday I might put size tags in, since they would be helpful, but right now I don’t have any.

DSCN9758 DSCN9759

Now, I’m working on clearing the rest of my desk of half finished projects. Next up, some new products to show you!

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