*New Product* Ruffled Zip Pouch


As promised, here is a new product! I actually made these two to sell as a part of the talent challenge at our church this month. Our pastor gave each of us a dollar to sow in some way and use our “talents” to make more money to give to our church. We recently had 4 of our air conditioner units at the church go out and we are going to use all the money this challenge brings in to pay for the 4th one to be replaced and the rest will go toward our building debt.

So, I made these two pouches (using my dollar and a few things I had around the house.) They are a thin printed canvas material with cotton lining. They are approximately 7″ wide by 8″ tall. I am probably going to make these in other sizes as well for the shop. I really like these pouches!

Tomorrow right after our church service several of us will be set up in the church’s gym to sell the things we’ve made. All proceeds from the sales will go to our church on October 20th. I will have these two pouches and a few of my other products there, plus a few jars of jam and jelly and some mini loaves of pumpkin apple bread.

Here’s a link to the sermon from the day he issued the challenge, if you’d like to watch. :)

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