What I Get for Being Kind to a Rodent


This little guy or gal was in our house this week. The kids have seen it running around upstairs (or maybe a friend/sibling/parent). Anyway, it was running back and forth on one of our steps after they threw their dirty clothes down one afternoon. Kristopher saw it and they managed to catch it in a jar. I think they probably threw it down in the clothes and that it was stuck on the stairs, so not too hard to catch. So, they caught it and then brought it to me in the jar. They were so happy and excited about the mousie. I wasn’t really, but thought it was fun that they were. They, of course, started to name it and each had a different name in mind. They wanted to show daddy, so I got a bucket for the mouse to stay in until he got home. I was even so nice as to give it some fabric scraps to snuggle under for it’s brief planned stay. The kids fed it crackers and peanuts. See?

DSCN9868 DSCN9870

The next morning, they let it go outside, though not as far away from the house as I would have liked. Fast forward to today. I was getting clothes out for the kids to wear to church and went for the sweater that I bought Kameron a couple of months ago at the consignment sale. It was a beautiful fisherman cardigan from Gap in great condition. I pulled it out and one of the shoulders was completely eaten through.


I was so mad. I know the mice did this before this week probably and it may not have even been the same mouse, but I’m still mad that I was nice to the mouse. We use spring traps most of the time, but haven’t had them set for a few months…but that’s what happens in an old house. They need to be set ALL.THE.TIME! Last year one of my coats was chewed and my handknit scarf, and some things I had in my gift pile. I should have known better. I am really tired of mice! Everyone thinks we should get a cat (including most of the kids here), but Kameron has a mild asthma attack every time we go somewhere with cat(s). I won’t make it so he can’t breathe at home. We’ll just have to trap some mice and hope that they don’t have a chance to ruin our stuff before they, um, “move out.”

Have a mice free day!

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