Bubble Wrap Needed

We had too many accidents in the last week. Painful ones. To begin, last Tuesday or Wednesday we were at the store and I had Taylor get our reusable bags out of the back of the van. I was standing next to the back holding Kyler and didn’t realize that she was closing the liftgate and she brought it down right on Kyler’s head. He had a bump and cried for a few minutes, but thankfully has been okay since then.

On Thursday night, Kody came home with a terrible limp, barely walking, and in lots of pain. He twisted his ankle getting into the car to come home. Since he is Kody he hasn’t gone to have it looked at, but he isn’t limping as badly.

Friday night, the kids and I went to the drive-in movies with friends. There is a big ditch in the front by the screen that all the kids play in. Apparently, he fell down from the top into the ditch, but none of the adults saw, so we really don’t know how far he fell or anything. He landed on his arm on rocks and complained about it and was not really friendly for the rest of the evening. See?


He has cried wolf about injuries before, so I didn’t really believe it hurt that badly and I let him sit over the weekend to be sure. Well, he was still in a lot of pain Sunday night, so Monday morning I made an appointment with our Sunday School friend who is an orthopedic surgeon. And, I ended up having to apologize to my son. His humerus is broken up near the shoulder. The break goes all the way across, but I guess not all the way through, maybe. I’m really not completely sure… Anyway, he doesn’t need surgery and it isn’t a place that can have a cast, so he just has a sling to try to help take pressure off of it and to keep people from jumping on him and punching him the shoulder. The worst kind of injury is the one that no one else can see, but you can feel.


It should heal well and quickly since he is young. Hopefully he will be out of pain soon, but not so much that he moves it around too much before he should.

On Sunday evening, I was peeling apples to get a second batch in the crock pot for applesauce before we had to leave for church. I was going pretty quickly and the apple slipped just a little and I cut through half of my fingernail. It really hurt, but didn’t bleed a lot and I was able to clean it up and cover it with a bandaid myself. This is good because I can’t get help with things like that from Kody. I heard him tell Taylor that I sounded hurt and I might need her help, ha! Anyway, here is how it looks on day 2.


Hopefully it will heal well, not get infected or fall off, or even worse, be ripped off. I am praying it will grow out quickly, so I won’t have to constantly think about it. It has been throbbing a little and if I hit that finger on something it doesn’t feel really good at all.

So, as my best friend told me last night, my whole family just needs a good bunch of bubble wrap around them right now. No more injuries, please!

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