that wasn’t so bad

Well, I couldn’t wait until January. In fact I couldn’t wait a day. After the searing pain and feeling like my face was being ripped through, I decided to make an appointment to see the dentist. I went this afternoon thinking that my doctor would look and make a plan with me and give me pain medicine to get through the weekend, but after looking at me and talking to me for about 5 minutes he said let’s just start a root canal right now. So, I said sure, anything to get rid of the pain. I won’t lie it was stressful, close to panic attack inducing during the procedure, but it didn’t hurt like so many people have told me over the years. And, really, if I wasn’t me it probably wouldn’t even have been as bad as it was. I just don’t do well with dental work. Fillings cause enough anxiety. So, I made it through part one and now I have antibiotics and some pain meds to get through the post root canal soreness. Hopefully by Monday I will feel pretty good. I will say that I already feel better than I did before the procedure. Of course I wish I could have made it until we had insurance again, but being out of the pain now is worth the cost.

Now, seriously, no more injuries or painful things. Kyler had that fever, yesterday and today, but I’m happy to say that it seems to have broken this evening and he’s up playing and acting alright again. Not sure what was wrong to begin with, but I’m glad he is his cheerful self again.

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