Some Recent Handmades

I’ve been working as quickly as I can to get things made, for people in my house, for gifts, and for sale. I had to hurry to get these pretty socks done before we went to Pennsylvania on the 4th. I knit a pair of red socks just like this a few years ago for my mom for Christmas. Apparently she really liked them, but they had gotten a hole close to the toe. My sister alerted me to the fact that another pair would be appreciated, so I hurriedly got to work. I didn’t have enough of any one solid color in wool (these are worsted weight), so I did stripes. I love them and if they hadn’t been too big I would have tried to keep them myself. I think she liked them too and while we were there I collected the red ones and they have since been fixed as well. Pattern details here.



While we were on our trip, I also had to stop in Louisville and deliver a custom outfit to an old high school friend. It is very similar to Taylor’s Easter outfit from last year. Here is the one for my friend’s 4 year old daughter. I hope she is enjoying it!



I have also been working on many things for the local shop that is carrying my items. I dropped 5 more pleated wristlets that didn’t get their picture taken. I also took these two large chevron bags (and one sold while I was there!) These bags are so fun and such a big hit. Everyone loves the laminated wipe-able cotton outer and I am having fun pairing fabrics up to go inside. I want to try some other laminated prints, but everyone seems to love the chevron so much. Working on another one of these right now, in gray, and then I’ll be back to work on more things for the shop. Gotta keep it stocked!

In the pictures of these bags you can see my new sew in tags. I am so excited. They make me feel like a real business woman. So much fun to do something I love and feel like I’m finally growing up doing it. Know what I mean?





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