We enjoyed a nice, quiet Thanksgiving with Kody’s parents again this year. I was hoping that some of my family would get to come visit for the holiday, but they weren’t able to. Maybe sometime that will happen. I like to have a house full of people for holidays, but most of ours are pretty quiet. I guess that is what happens when you like to stay home for holidays too, though. We are not a big fan of travelling anyway, but around the holidays it just seems even harder to make work. So, I’m thankful for a little bit of family close by that we can celebrate with.

Here is the view from my place at the table:


The yummy dinner:


A little bit of coloring:

DSCN0285 DSCN0287

I printed these placemats for the kids to work on, really to try to keep them at the table longer. Taylor worked the hardest on hers. Kyler loved coloring on his, but had no idea what any of it said. The other two boys did a little bit of work on it, but were still in a hurry to get back to some wii playing.


Here is the yummiest part of Thanksgiving, the pumpkin pie:


I braided the crust this year and my in laws were amazed. I really thought it could have looked better, but it was good.

And, since I am way behind on blogging stuff, here is what my fall mantle looked like this year:


Not too big of a deal or much different than normal, but the fall stuff was added in. Simple is happy around here. Hope you had a wonderful fall season and had plenty to be thankful for. My guess is, that if you can read this, you do. Most of all I’m thankful for Jesus. Thankful that with him we truly have all we need. Yes, I like lots of people and busy-ness sometimes, but I also like the simple quiet times with the people I care about.

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