The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I love, love, love Christmas! When I was young I loved it because of all the presents, but now I love the reason we celebrate. I also enjoy all the beautiful decorations and the parties. I think I said this last year, but decorating my house for Christmas makes it feel like a month long party. So fun! And, I’m pretty sure a pretty mug full of hot chocolate in a dark room filled with twinkling lights is one of the best things ever, bonus points if there’s a fire in the fireplace. Am I right?!

So, before we get much further into December, here are our decorations this year:

DSCN0304 living room tree DSCN0316 bunting over the windows DSCN0317 mantle DSCN0319 nativity close up DSCN0320 table centerpiece DSCN0323 some kitchen decor

I began decorating Friday, after Thanksgiving. It really does seem to take longer for me to get it all up every year and I’m really not sure why, since I have some pretty good helpers now. It just gets harder to want to spend the time doing that. I’ve been so busy trying to get things ready for the local shop and decorating put a stop to that. It also put the Christmas gift crafting I was doing on hold. I still have to rearrange some of our furniture so that I can get back to my desk! I guess there is just so much going on that everything seems to take longer here.

We have already had two fun Christmas-y events to go to, so that has been nice. Sunday night was our church’s hanging of the green service. It always kind of puts me in the spirit to sing Christmas songs and hear the scripture, but this year we didn’t get to sing as much. Each family also hangs an ornament on one of the church trees. Here we are in front of the tree with our ornament:


Then yesterday, Taylor got to go do some crafting with a few of her friends. They made some ornaments and door hangers and got an advent calendar to take home. We are always waiting and anticipating Jesus’ return here, and always so excited about Christmas, but we don’t really do much for advent. Don’t get me wrong, I think all the readings and calendars are good ideas and fun, but we just don’t fit it in most of the time. We do read some of the things we have, just not on a very good schedule. So, the sticker advent calendar is nice for the reason that it will help us count down (and maybe remind me that I need to say or do something to help my kids understand more!) Here is Taylor with her friends:


All the girls had fun and hopefully we’ll get to do this again sometime with different crafts.

Well, the month is going to get busy and I pray that you (and we) will take time to slow down and remember what we’re celebrating. Yes, I still love all the presents, but the baby boy, Christ, is what this is really all about.

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