More Decor

Somehow I missed taking a picture of our sunroom tree when I did the rest, so here it is:


This is the tree that the kids can decorate and arrange however they want to. I did let them help with the small tree this year too, but I rearranged most of it afterward. This big tree only fits out in the sunroom, now, and they enjoyed hanging all their stuff (and some of my old ornaments) on it.

I have wanted a good wreath for our door for several years now and have never had a good one. Last year I tried stringing ornaments on a hanger for the famous pinterest wreath, but mine was way too small and looked silly. So this year when I was out shopping I saw a plain, fake, green wreath for $4 and decided to go for it. I added my big snowflake ornament, some of the ornaments from last year’s disaster, a few pine cones from the yard, and a big turquoise bow. I think it turned out pretty, if not exactly what I want. {…still}


We are anticipating a big snow/ice storm here tomorrow night. I am hoping and praying that it will not turn out to be a big deal and that if we lose power it won’t be for long. We have a way to stay warm, and plenty of food, and I will fill everything we have with water tomorrow night. What we won’t have is a way to cook any of the meat or things that we have. We used our grill a lot during the last ice storm and we have been without a grill all year. Should have bought one this summer! We do have plenty of wood outside and could make a small fire for cooking, or use the fireplace as well. We’re as ready as we’re going to be. I really just hope it isn’t bad. Especially since our children’s choir performances are supposed to be this weekend and they have worked hard to prepare. Hope you all stay warm and safe if you’re in the path of the storm like us.

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