Chevron Goodness


I have been working on more chevron pouches. A few of the linings that are so fun:

DSCN0427 DSCN0428

Most of these will be gifts, but I’m sure a few will end up in the shop. One of these was a custom order, as well. I have two more cut out that need to be finished before next Wednesday. Can you believe Christmas is only 1 week away?! I can’t. There is so much more I want to complete before then and I am about out of time. Starting today we have a busy week ahead. Here’s what it will look like:

Tonight: Children’s choir programs at church. Three of my four children are performing the musicals that they have been working on for the last few months. These were rescheduled from the weekend that the ice fell.

Friday: Kristopher has a Christmas Progressive Dinner to attend. Then later that night, my dad, sister, niece and nephew will arrive to stay for the weekend.

Saturday: Family Christmas day with our guests.

Sunday: Church, lunch with family and farewells. Sunday School Christmas party that evening.

Tuesday: Christmas Eve party with Kody’s mom’s side of the family.

Wednesday: Christmas, which entails breakfast with stockings, presents, and a big dinner with Kody’s parents.

After that we’ll get a little break, during which I will probably be planning a birthday shindig for Kristopher. His (and Kody’s) birthday always sneaks up on me because I’m so busy planning Christmas stuff and then bam! Birthdays! I am excited about all the things we get to do during this next week though. Just hope I have a little time left to finish sewing a few more gifts. :) Merry week before Christmas!

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