We’re not quite a week into 2014, so I guess I’m not too late to the party for this one. On New Year’s Day we had our good friends over. Our families are very close to matching in so many ways and we enjoy them so much. For our little party, I thought these printables would be fun, to reflect and plan for the year. I printed the kids version for the 7 kids and the adult version for the 4 adults. Well, I completely forgot that I had them until halfway through and then I decided to just send their copies home and we would all have to do them separately. We were having too much fun eating, talking and playing.

So, the next day, the kids and I sat down and worked on ours.


The two oldest filled theirs out alone. Kristopher’s answers made me kind of sad… The worst thing is that he wants to lose 30 lbs. I’m not sure, but I don’t think that was a joke and I’m sure it is the grown-ups’ fault. We need to talk about losing weight a lot less and only being healthy. Convicting!


Taylor’s answers were impressive to me. She remembered some things that I didn’t, or things that I didn’t consider important as some of her favorites. Her favorite activity was an animal print casting set that they worked on with Kody. Wow, I never would have thought about that! Playing in the ice was a favorite memory. She really did enjoy that, but I never would have thought that it would show up as a favorite. I also love her 2014 goals and plans. Wants to learn: cooking, Get better at: cursive, Goals: gymnastics, sleep in her bed and make it every morning.


Kameron told me what to write on his. The highlights are that his favorite food is bacon and this year he wants to learn how to read and wants to get better at being quiet. Those were all his own ideas and I think they are excellent!

Kyler obviously couldn’t fill one out and didn’t really understand the questions I was asking him, but he did agree that he wants to learn how to use the potty. :)

The first line on my page asked for my “one word” for this year. I had already heard so many people’s words and didn’t want to take one that I’d already heard. Plus none of them seemed right. I kept thinking about how I need to be mindful and to think about everything more and to be kind and slower to move sometimes. Finally, I realized that my word should be consideration. Many of the other things on my list are things I hope for every year. I’m not much of a resolution girl, more like an “always try your hardest to do it right” girl. I do want to spend every minute that I can with family and friends. I want to be the person that people go to because they know I will care. I want to be more patient and loving. I want to surround myself with only what makes life better which will take much consideration.


Did you do anything to plan out this new year? Do you have a word? I’d love to hear it!

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