The big 1-2

I can’t believe my oldest is twelve now. We celebrated last Saturday with a small party. I wouldn’t actually call it a party, since he just had two friends over, but it is the “party year”, so it was a party to him. He is a fan of JRR Tolkien, so Kody and I took him and his two friends to see the second installment of The Hobbit. We let the boys sit where they wanted to and Kody and I had a mini date. :)


After the movie, we picked up pizza from Little Caesar’s, which is what the birthday boy wanted. I told him he could choose his favorite place/thing to eat and that is what he said he liked best. Easy for me, at least!


We hung a couple of Hobbit posters in the kitchen and my friend Courtney made his beautiful Hobbit cake:


He is easily embarrassed and his friends and family singing happy birthday is all it takes:


He opened the presents from his friends, while they were there. Money is the way to my boy’s heart. Seriously, his love language is gifts, so money or gifts are what makes him happy.

DSCN0800 DSCN0806

This morning, his actual birthday, I made a Jackson Souffle, which was beautiful, until I had the great idea to put candles in something fresh out of the oven. The white candles melted all over the top and started to fall, hence the black scorch mark on one side. It still tasted good, we just tried to pick the melted wax out. ;)


Then he opened his gifts from us and we had a quiet day at home. He is so grown up and yet still such a child. It is definitely fun to have an older child who wants to talk about more grown up things sometimes and there are still many times that I think he’s too young for the conversation still… I think 12 is going to be a hard age for both of us, even with all the exciting changes. We will see!


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