A Little Bit of a Scarf Habit

I like scarves. There, I said it. If you had told me a couple of years ago that I would want to wear a scarf all fall, winter, and spring, I would have laughed. I don’t like to feel like I’m being choked and I don’t like to be too hot (or too cold, but that’s neither here, nor there.) I also don’t want to add bulk to my midsection and I thought a scarf hanging would do that. However, now, I really like scarves. This is evidenced by the fact that my closet holds 21 of them. Of those 21, I have made 7.

Here are my two latest:

First, a brown chunky cowl, since this winter will. never. end. This was a quick easy knit. I was looking around on etsy for ideas of a chunky cowl to knit and found these for sale. I then went to ravelry to see if I could find a free pattern for something similar. Guess what?! The girl who sells these offers the pattern for free if you want to knit your own! I was so happy that I cast on right away and knit for a little while that night. The next morning I finished it. Love instant gratification!


The second scarf, was actually made first. I was given this fabric by a woman from church when she went through her late parents’ belongings. From the first moment I laid eyes on it, I knew it would make a great scarf. Finally I took the 10 minutes needed to make a cute infinity scarf because I didn’t have one that worked with the outfit I had on. ;) It is the perfect weight for spring.

DSCN0904 Yes, that is a slightly blurry, bathroom selfie…blech.

Which brings me to a little announcement: I just made up several cute infinity scarves and spring weight cowls to put in the shop that sells my goods. If you need one, head to Raggle Taggle and pick one up!

So, are you a scarf wearer? Or do you prefer a bare neck or jewelry?

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