Things I’m Lovin’ & A Few That I’m Not

On this 25* day there are a few things I really am enjoying…and also a few that I’d really rather not have to think about. We’ve had unseasonably cold weather for KY, although they say, “If you don’t like the weather in Kentucky, wait five minutes!” Seriously though, it’s been several years since it has been this cold and I for one am not lovin’ that! Without further ado, the lists:

    Things I’m Lovin’

– Hot Tea, Hot Chocolate, Hot Soup, Hot Applesauce, Hot Bread…you get the picture.
These Sweaters. I have it in three colors and I am living in them. They are a thinner sweater, but are a great layer for wearing around the house and since they hit mid-thigh on me they are a little more cozy. So comfy and cute!
– Rice heat packs. Perfect for warming feet & hands and keeping in the bed at night (like a hot water bottle.) I need to make some more!
– Taking video games away from my children. They don’t need them and when they aren’t playing those they do things like have a board game fest WITH EACH OTHER or play legos WITH EACH OTHER and they have such fun. Video games just make everyone grumpy in this house, even if they don’t realize it.
– Staying inside! I am staying in as much as I can and trying to stay warm. I do not like the cold and I am so thankful that we don’t have any snow or ice, since that makes going outside even less fun for me. Having the fireplace on is just a big fat bonus during this weather. (Though we are trying not to use it much right now, see below.)
– The few scattered “warm” days we’ve had between the frigid ones, so that we can get outside and soak up the sunshine. Gotta love 50-60* when you aren’t seeing much of it.

    The Not So Muches

– The apparent propane shortage that I didn’t know anything about until last night.
– That made me wonder and worry about our supply, so I checked it this morning and we are sitting on 20%. To make it last as long as possible, we’ve turned the heat down and had to layer up…difficult to make the kids keep enough clothes on sometimes.
– Frozen pipes. Again. For the third time this month. At least so far it has only busted once and it is only one pipe. It’s still frustrating!
– Cuts on my hands that I didn’t realize were there until later when I looked, because I didn’t feel it happen. Those are the worst!
– Sickness and missing things. Over the last couple of weeks we’ve had quite a bit of runny nose/coughing junk that has caused us to miss some things I was looking forward to. I’m happy to say that this seems to be over for the time being. Hopefully the weather won’t make it start up again.
– Missing my other half. The last couple of weeks have been a tough adjustment as he goes back to school and continues working full time. He’s doing a great job and I’m so proud of him, but do wish we could keep to the same schedule. I know the kids echo that sentiment. I just have to keep telling myself it’s just for a short time. I know it is worth it. :)

So, what would you add to this list?

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