A Poor Broken Girlie

Monday night, when the kids were supposed to be falling asleep, Taylor managed to fall off her bed and hurt both of her arms. She was very upset and obviously in pain, so after Kody got home I took her to the emergency room. After painful x-rays and being examined by the ER doctor, who called our friend who is an orthopedic surgeon, they put Taylor in splints. Yes, plural. A splint on each arm. Poor girl looked like this:


We couldn’t imagine how she hurt herself so badly just falling off her bed. I knew there must be more to it. No one saw her because the boys, surprisingly, were actually in their beds and I was downstairs getting ready for the same. Finally the next day we got the story. She was standing on her footboard about 2 1/2 to 3 feet away from her door. She was leaning forward and hanging onto the door frame, doing who knows what kind of gymnastics move and she slipped and fell. So, about a 3 1/2 foot drop straight onto her elbows and forearms.

She was still in a lot of pain and unable to lift her arms at all on Tuesday. The ER doctor did give her some painkillers, but most of the time she said she didn’t want them. She just wanted to sleep:


Today, we went to see our friend, Dr. C. Both elbows have a lot of fluid that showed on the x-rays, but no visible breaks. He said if they were to do an MRI, they would probably see a break, but that sometimes small ones are hard to see on x-rays. in children that much fluid usually means something is broken somewhere. So, into some lovely casts she went. She chose pink, her favorite color now.


She can’t do anything for now, since she can barely lift her arms. I am hoping she will be able to do more as she feels less pain and gets used to the casts, but I know there is still a lot that I will have to help with for the next five weeks.

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