This Week

This week was difficult, to say the least. You saw how part of it went, here. On Monday night, after getting home from the hospital with Taylor, I ended up staying up with Kyler all night because he couldn’t breathe very well. He was asleep most of the night, but if he started to lay down too much he would wake up sputtering and trying to cry because he couldn’t breathe. So, first thing in the morning I took him to the doctor. They did every imaginable test on him and he was negative for RSV, no Pneumonia, his lungs and ears were fine, his blood work was all normal. He just couldn’t breathe. So, he was prescribed breathing treatments with albuterol, which we are no strangers to from the other boys, and sent home. After a couple of days he is doing fine and breathing well again.

Friday, I started feeling sickly, so this morning I headed to the doctor myself. Normally, I would try to wait and recover on my own, but I don’t have time to be sick right now with all the other crazy! I have a sore throat, sore ears, stuffy head and lungs and apparently a bit of a fever. They wanted to give me lots of different medicines, but I only accepted antibiotics and some allergy medicine. I also stopped by my friend’s store and bought some cold/flu oil to hopefully help symptoms subside quicker. It certainly smells yummy, and hopefully is helping too. :)

A little bit ago, I saw that I had several messages from my mom asking me to call her. So, I did, since something was obviously very urgent. She was trying to get in contact with me with the news that my grandfather, her dad, Papa Jack, had passed away early that morning. It’s hard to process this news. I feel a loss and I feel sad, but it’s almost like it hasn’t really happened. We were fortunate enough to see him in November when we visited. He didn’t really seem to know who we were, but it was nice to talk to him some and he remembered enough about things in the past to tell some stories. I think it’s also not really real to me because I haven’t really seen him much in the last 15 years. Maybe 5 times? Living 13 hours apart makes it difficult to visit very often… I wish I could go and be there for the funeral and to help my mom a little. She fell and broke her elbow a few weeks ago too. At least she was able to be with Papa Jack more during his last few weeks, because she couldn’t go to work. There’s just no way I can get away right now. Plus the weather is bad and I don’t want to drive in the icy mess that is headed our way tomorrow.

Taylor is feeling better and not in as much pain, but now she has decided that the casts should come off. She has been very grumpy and disagreeable today. She can at least, feed herself some finger foods now that she can lift her hands, so she doesn’t need me to do EVERYthing. Just almost everything. We’ll do it and get through it because we have to. I’m praying that something good will come out of her having two arms in casts. She is a nail chewer, so I’m really hoping that since she can’t get them to her mouth she will not have that habit anymore in 5 weeks. We’ll see, I guess. Just trying to find some good!

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