Calling All Superheroes

This is “party year” for the kids, so they each get to have a birthday party. Next year will be “not a party year” This may not be how we always do birthday stuff, but for now it is working. :) I had no idea what we were going to do, nor had I even thought about Kyler’s birthday yet, when I received an email from Shutterfly (early in March) for 10 free cards. I didn’t think I really needed any free cards at this time, but I decided to look at their site anyway, just in case. Well, close to the beginning of my browsing, I found adorable superhero birthday invitations. I knew they would be perfect since Kyler and his little friends are really into the superheroes right now. So, the invitations forced me to go ahead and pick a date and make a rough party plan.

I decided we’d have a cookout like we had for his first birthday. Let me tell you, a cookout is the way to go for birthday parties! No game planning or having to keep everyone occupied the whole time. Just lay out some bubbles and sidewalk chalk, have a bunch of food, run around the yard and play on the swing set, eat cake and open presents. The parents get to talk, the kids have fun. Everybody’s happy! If all my kids would agree to a cookout and the birthday weather cooperated that’s what we’d have for all of them! Here are some pictures from Kyler’s party and a few more details.

DSCN1283 DSCN1284 - Copy The party table. Superhero mask favors, candy capsules filled with m&m’s, superhero pictures to color, gifts.

DSCN1286 The bubble table.

DSCN1287 It was a little windy! The banner I found can be purchased here. I cut it to use in two places.

DSCN1288 Superhero cupcakes with fondant cupcake toppers. I made this Vanilla cake recipe with this frosting and used this fondant recipe. I made several colors of fondant and then rolled it out and cut the shapes for the toppers mostly by hand. I printed a small picture for the spider, bat, and superman logos and then cut around with a skinny knife.

DSCN1289 I just made 15 cupcakes since the toppers were so much work. For the adults, I poured the rest of the cake batter into pans and made a plain circle cake. I did do 1 1/2 times the batter on the cake recipe to get the 15 cupcakes plus 1 cake yield. The cake recipe was pretty perfect. I will definitely make it again. Ice cream cups can be found here.

DSCN1292 As I was finishing up party preparations, my boy looked like he might fall asleep. He never did take a nap though, and made it through the party and was up even later playing with his new toys. I couldn’t believe it!

DSCN1312 The majority of the food. We had hotdogs, baked beans, macaroni & cheese (homemade, of course), fruit salad, fresh veggies, cheetos, and pretzels.

DSCN1316 BBQ for the grown ups!

DSCN1315 Drink filling station. I had plain old plastic cups for the grown-ups, but for the kids, I got cute little plastic milk bottles from this etsy store. I love the look of the pretty little glass bottles with paper straws, but for 3 year olds, plastic is the way to go. :) I thought I had paper straws, but my kids used them all up! So we made do with plastic ones.

DSCN1318 Super captain birthday batman. Still looking sleepy, but hanging in there!


DSCN1335 Opening gifts – he got some of the coveted “sand.”

DSCN1353 After the party with Mommy & Daddy. Happy birthday, KyKy.

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