Forget the Frock a.k.a Easter 2014

I started shopping for Easter dresses for Taylor and I months before Easter, and ordered shirts for the boys too. Then, I found out about Forget the Frock and decided to return the original shirts for the boys and save our dresses for later occasions. What is Forget the Frock, you ask? You can read more about it here, but the skinny is: buy shirts supporting some sort of a charity (it was begun to help orphans) and wear those instead of buying fancy frocks for Easter.


We chose to get our shirts from which is the original organization that was supported when the forget the frock movement was started in 2011. I am so glad that we decided to do this this year. While I love pretty dresses, helping hungry orphans is much more important and I still think we managed to look pretty cute. Taylor and I wore matching shirts, and the boys had matching shirts.

Several people from our church participated in this and wore shirts from several different organizations. It was really great to see so many participating, and I hope next year even more will!

Hope you had a happy Easter. We hunted way too many eggs (the ones at Kody’s parents’ house even had money!) and had our yummy meal with Kody’s parents like we do every year. It was a nice time of family, friends, celebrating our risen savior and helping those in need.

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