Hospital Whirlwind

It has been another crazy week for us. I was close to losing my mind by Thursday night, but by Friday afternoon I had calmed down considerably. Monday afternoon we went swimming with a group from our church. We had lots of fun and were worn out (and quite sunburned) when we got home. Kameron had a little bit of a runny nose and coughed occasionally, but I thought maybe he just overdid it with water in his nose or something. I really should have seen it for what it was, though, since he’s started out like that before when he’s had trouble breathing. Tuesday, he was coughing a lot more and wheezing some. By that night, he was wheezing considerably and we had started giving him breathing treatments at home and had given a dose of zyrtec. Those treatments usually work pretty well. He kept sounding worse to us, but wasn’t blue or in what looked like terrible shape, so we waited out the night, giving breathing treatments every four hours and watching him move around restlessly. As soon as our doctor’s office opened, I called and made the earliest appointment.

We got to the doctor’s office and saw his regular pediatrician’s partner, who immediately started talking asthma caused by possible allergy. (which is what we already thought/knew, we just couldn’t get the attack stopped) This was the first time that we’ve taken him in and had his blood oxygen level turn out to be low. They did blood work, a lung x-ray, gave him an epinephrine injection, another breathing treatment, and put him on oxygen.


After all of that, he was breathing better and his level had come back up. However, it still looked like he was sucking in air too hard by the rise and fall of the skin in the middle of his collar bone. So, she had us leave and go get lunch and then she wanted to see him back to recheck him before letting us go home. We went and got lunch and ate it in the doctor’s office parking lot. We were gone for, maybe, 45 minutes and when we returned Kameron sounded just as bad as he did when we walked through their door the first time and his oxygen level had dropped way down. Dr. KB wanted to have him admitted to the hospital so they could monitor and hook him up to oxygen and IV steroids and get him better. At this point I was still doing alright and acting calm. Then she decided that she didn’t want him off of oxygen while we drove over and the hospital actually went through the admitting process, so he was going to ride over on an ambulance! The only problem was that I had all four kids there by myself and Kody & his parents were all 20-30 minutes away and my friend who I would normally call to help me quickly was out of town. I called the next person I would call in an emergency and she didn’t answer…twice. Now, I was flipping out. I couldn’t get ahold of the one person I thought would help me and I had no idea when the ambulance would arrive. I decided to try and text her, in case she was just somewhere she couldn’t pick up the phone. Thankfully, she answered that and was able to come get the other kids. Kody arrived shortly after that, and before the ambulance did, so I rode with Kameron and he took our van over. It was so good to both be there for all of that and have the other kids elsewhere. So thankful for M!


Things weren’t fun at the hospital, not that they usually are, but Kameron did start to get better and at least could breathe! He screamed through the whole IV process and that IV blew on the second day there. On Thursday afternoon, while we were sitting at the hospital waiting for our pediatrician to arrive, Kyler started having trouble breathing and was wheezing terribly. I had to leave and get him home for some allergy meds and a breathing treatment. Nothing was helping him either, and we ended up in the ER that night with him, mostly because we were scared if we didn’t go ahead and get him seen he would end up like Kameron. The doctors do all think they must have come in contact with something they are both allergic to, so we will probably get them both tested as soon as we can. Kyler was able to just get a dose of IV steroids and another breathing treatment. I will tell you that I was about to cry and felt like pretty much the worst mom ever while I was sitting in the ER with one child, while another was upstairs. Kyler was released a couple of hours after we got there and we did breathing treatments and followed up with Dr. J the next day. He has done well since then (although is still on breathing treatments and claritin). That’s when I started to relax a little.

When Dr. J checked on Kameron Friday night, it looked like we were going to get to go home Saturday. He had been hooked up to oxygen non-stop since we arrived and he was doing so much better that she wanted to go ahead and try to take it off. If he could be off of it and have his level stay at 94% or above we could go home. We were praying and hoping and ecstatic, because Kody and I were supposed to leave for Charleston on Monday. If he could go home Saturday we could still get everything worked out and leave for that. Well, he made it about an hour and then his level dropped. Oxygen went back on. They tried again in the morning, oxygen level dropped, oxygen was put back on. Dr. J came in and said he’d have to spend another night at least, because he had to stay until his oxygen would stabilize. So, thankfully, we were able to change our flights and hotel reservations around without penalty and we just started going with the flow. A little while after we changed the trip, they removed the oxygen again and this time his level stayed where they wanted it. It almost felt like God was saying, “good, I’m glad you decided to change your trip.” Sunday afternoon we got to come home!


Because of the steroids, Kameron has been craving Doritos, so I bought him some at the pharmacy to go along with his big bag of medicines. I also bought a pulse oximeter so we can check his oxygen level at home. With the exception of two nights ago, for a little while, he has been in the good range. We go back for a recheck next week. Praise God that my boy is okay!

Kameron was really very good at the hospital, and very understanding about what he had to do to get better. He did start to get tired of people talking to him and of the hospital’s schedule and all the treatments on the last day or so. What really saved us all during this time, were prayers and thoughtful messages and visits from friends and family, and Kameron’s Kindle. That distracted him most of the time. Thank you to everyone who helped us or prayed for Kameron last week!

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