First Day of School


I’ve been ready to get back to school and back to our schedule since the summer began, but it was just too difficult to keep it up/get going again. Now that everyone is well, I really didn’t have an excuse. I decided that we needed to start despite our upcoming vacation. So, we started back this week. It was a good little short week and I think it will be a good thing to have a break again. I’m calling this our soft start and after next week we will get back into it full swing.


Kameron is working harder this year, since we’re doing kindergarten and Taylor is super excited to be back doing school work. She even wanted to complete some extra credit this first week. Kristopher is thrilled to be back at it, as you can tell from the pictures. Typical 7th grader…doesn’t want mom to take cute pictures or make him do anything that isn’t his idea. ;)


For right now, we’re just finishing up last year’s bible/science/history curriculum and are working on new English and Math. When we finish our current My Father’s World package we will order the next one. I am hoping to do this by mid November.

Hope you all have/had a great first day back and enjoy the fall as much as I am so far!

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