Charleston, Day 1

What a fun first day of our trip! Kody and I have never had a trip anywhere alone, so this has been like a honeymoon, but so much better. We already know each other super well, so we’re having a great time doing the things we enjoy. Well, we have been since we actually made it to Charleston. ;) Here’s a recap of our day:

Woke up at 5:00 am and got ready to make the trek to the airport. We said goodbye to the kids the night before, so we wouldn’t have to wake them up early. Kyler ended up waking up anyway…I couldn’t resist giving him extra smooches. It was so hard to leave him, especially when he started to put his shoes on and then cried when we walked out the door. (He’s fine now!) Anyway, we got out the door and on our way. There were a few little arguments over the directions we had and how we were going to get there on time, but we made it to the airport in Nashville and through all the security with 30 minutes before boarding began. I am so glad that we paid for early check in, because our flight was completely full. I got a window seat and poor Kody was stuck in the middle, but I think he had a good neighbor who didn’t elbow him or anything. I started to get a headache as soon as we were on the flight and Kody had one by the time we got off the plane. Not sure where those came from, but we were able to get them under control. He was laughing at me for most of the flight, because I was a little stressed out. I don’t like small enclosed spaces, especially with other people and I don’t like moving super fast, or feeling out of control, or a little turbulence from the clouds, apparently. Here is a picture from before I started freaking out:


I did love looking at the clouds and snapped some pretty pictures:

DSCN2406 DSCN2403 DSCN2404

When we got to Charleston, we waited to share a shuttle with others going downtown, so we could save some money. I thought it was kind of funny that we ended up with a husband (wearing a kippah), his wife and young baby, 2 men that looked/sounded Arabic, and a middle aged gentleman. The baby cried most of the trip, and I felt so sad for the parents. I wanted to do something to reassure them, but they were in the back and we were at the front and they got off at the first stop. Anyway, no one said anything mean to them, so I was glad for that. The shuttle driver was very nice and it was nice to not worry about navigating and trying to find our hotel on our own. We arrived 3 hours before our check-in time, but were able to check-in early, which was so nice since we still had those headaches at that point. It was so good to lie down for a little bit and get our stuff unloaded. Since we’d only had snacks up until then, we decided to head out for dinner (it was after 3 by this point, so lunch was skipped…) We ended up at Fleet Landing:


Where we had these yummy hushpuppies, stuffed with shrimp and lobster:


Then we walked out on the pier at waterfront park and explored a little:

DSCN2414 DSCN2417 DSCN2420 DSCN2425

Pineapple fountain, anyone?


After relaxing a bit, we headed to King Street for a little shopping and finished off the night with some Starbuck’s coffee. Here a couple more pictures from our walk:

Loved this pink house (and all the colorful houses of Charleston).

And, this brick cobblestone road.

Now we’re relaxing and will hopefully make a bit of a plan for the week, now that we’re here and have seen some of what we can do. So thankful for this trip!

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