Charleston, Day 2

I woke up this morning and let Kody sleep in a bit. I had to get a little work out in, in the fitness center. Have to keep up with all this good food we’re eating! After that we went down and had a little breakfast in the hotel cafe. It was good, but simple, just what we needed.

We decided to go for our carriage tour that we got with our hotel room package. We had a very good tour guide and our horse Picasso was good at his job as well. The tour guide knew a lot of information (I know it’s his job…) and had lots of side stories that were fun. I enjoyed the tour and I think Kody did too, even if he “doesn’t like old stuff”, ha! Here are some pictures of places he told us about.


Our horse, Picasso. Our tour guide is the one helping people get on the carriage. We got to sit right in the front, which was nice so we could hear.


Arthur Middleton’s house, which now houses some kind of arts society, sorry can’t remember the name… He also owned Middleton Place, which looks to be a beautiful plantation. Wish we could make it there, but we probably won’t.


Entrance to College of Charleston, the first municipal college in America. Beautiful and sounds like they have some beautiful traditions.


A mansion built in 1886, started prior to the big earthquake as a house, and after the earthquake came and the builder/owner made lots of money (insurance salesman) he built it even bigger than planned. It was very interesting to find out why so many of the houses have huge bolts in the sides of them. The ones with the bolts were there before the devastating earthquake and had to be fortified afterward. There were some that didn’t have bolts and definitely had a lean to them. It was also interesting to see the houses from different time periods pointed out. Charleston is such a beautiful city.

DSCN2447 DSCN2450 DSCN2449

Then there was the old city jail, which is supposedly the most haunted building in Charleston. I don’t really believe in ghosts, but we didn’t go on any ghost tours, just in case. ;)

DSCN2440 DSCN2442

Beautiful trees and plants all over. One thing our guide talked about was all the landscaping companies and the groups who make sure Charleston looks good. It is a very tourist heavy place and they want their city to look good. It is also such a beautiful old city with a rich and long history that they want to preserve. Also interesting, is the fact that almost all the houses are brick, and the ones that don’t look it have been covered with stucco or wood planks. However the city is apparently very prone to fires. Kody and I thought that was strange. The bricks were made from clay out of the Ashley river.

After the tour, we walked (much further than we thought) to the visitor’s center to look around. Then we stopped for a late, light lunch at Delish, which was a little bakery type restaurant, with tasty sandwiches. We were tired and starting to get blisters from our poor shoes choices from the morning, so we stopped back at the hotel and collapsed for longer than we meant to. I wanted to go through the historic downtown market, but they had shut down by the time we had energy to go back out. I will do that in the morning instead. So, we made a dinner reservation and after resting made our way to The Charleston Grill.


The Charleston Grill was amazing. I can honestly say it was the best dinner I’ve ever had. I ordered the Mango Pickled Shrimp appetizer, Prime Beef Tenderloin entree, and some kind of really yummy dessert that I can’t find on the online menu. It had coconut sorbet, key lime sauce, macadamia nuts, and puff pastries filled with dulce de leche. The whole meal was perfect and the service, from our waiter, Chip and his assistant, Andre, was excellent. We got to listen to a live jazz band for much of our dinner and it was perfect. A super nice pre-anniversary, anniversary dinner.

If I’ve learned anything in the past two days, it’s that Charleston loves it’s visitors! Everyone we have encountered wants to make life a little happier for us. Such a fun, welcoming big city.

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