Charleston, Day 4

Today was more of a leisurely day for us. We hung around the hotel until afternoon since we were a little tired and my calf muscles are on fire. Thinking maybe that jog from yesterday was a bad idea…

We went for a late lunch at Hyman’s Seafood and my meal there was huge, but delicious. I got the Carolina Delight which is grit cakes with shrimp, bacon, cheese, and an alfredo sauce. They were so good, but by the time they got there I was already pretty full from the slaw, sweet potato fries, hush puppies, and onions. Everything was so good there. We saved our leftovers, thinking we would have them for dinner, since we planned to go on the evening boat tour.

By the time we walked down to the wharf, it was less than an hour before we could board the ship. We walked around a little and took pictures out on the pier. The boat tour was nice and it was a beautiful evening to be out on the water. We enjoyed the ride and took lots of pictures. Here are some of my favorites:

pelicans flying overhead

our ride


a little South Carolina water

our restaurant from the first night, in front of the US Customs House, which took many years and 19 acts of congress to get it built

Fort Sumter

The beach house I picked out for myself. ;)

Pretty palmetto trees by the entrance to the Intercoastal waterway.

Cool to see all the marine Research vessels out on the water.

USS Yorktown at Patriot’s Point – this would have been cool to go to, but we weren’t really in the museum-y mood anymore.


For real, the coolest bridge ever. I have so many pictures of it from this week… While on the boat, the captain angled us just right under it and blew the whistle and horn of the ship to let us hear how the bridge echoed. very neat.

It is a city ordinance, that no building can be taller than the tallest church steeple. I thought this was really cool. Love the Holy City! 180 denominations and tons of beautiful churches.

After that we walked a little more and stopped at Cupcake down south (for beautiful, tasty cupcakes), and Paolo’s Gelato Italiano (for gelato & cannoli). It was a dessert for dinner kind of day, and after that we didn’t even end up touching the leftovers… Wonder if I can take shrimp and grits on the plane to go home?!

There are still so many things i’d love to be able to do, but we’re out of time for all the things that take up more than a couple of hours. Not sure what we will end up doing tomorrow, we will have about 4 hours and need to stay pretty close to the hotel so we don’t miss our ride back to the airport.

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