Quilted Pouches


A few months ago, I was asked by a friend to make a quilted pouch for her daughter’s glass medicine bottles. They had to be in an anti static bag of a certain size, and she just wanted a case so that when they were put in her soccer bag they wouldn’t break. So I procrastinated for two months (actually, I was just really busy this summer!) and finally finished it at the beginning of August, just in time for her to take it to college with her. I ended up using my favorite fabric, by Sandi Henderson, for the outside. The inside is a cute building pattern that I found at Hancock’s, sorry I don’t remember the name!


I quilted the outside fabric and the batting together and then just sewed the rest like a simple rectangular pouch. I really loved the way it turned out and since it was made with my favorite fabric, it was very hard to give it away. She loved it though, so that made it easier. :)


Then, we were packing for our trip last week, and I started trying to figure out how I was going to carry my laptop with me. I was putting it in my carry on, but I still didn’t want it to get bumped around at the airport or by anyone else who might handle it (driver, hotel, etc.) I decided to make it a quilted sleeve really quick, at 8pm the night before we had to leave… Of course, I pulled out more of my favorite fabric, and the buildings to line it again. I didn’t have another navy zipper, so I used a light pink one, which is pretty too.


I usually put my tags on the inside of my products, but I think they look better on the outside. Might start putting them out there all the time now. Where would you rather see my tags?


The laptop, which is really a netbook I guess, fits perfectly. I didn’t take into consideration the zipper, so really it could be about 1/2 inch wider, but as long as I’m careful putting it in and taking it out all is well.

DSCN2607 DSCN2608

I think these would sell well in the shop, but I’m not sure how exactly to go about that. People have laptops in so many different sizes, that it would be difficult to have all of them available. I’ll have to do some research and think about that! Maybe I could just pick a couple of sizes. If these were available to you, would you buy one? How do you usually carry your laptop/e-reader/tablet around. What size sleeve would be beneficial to you?


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