New Year, New Bag


I’ve been wanting a new bag…yes, another one! Kody bought me the backpack I wanted for my birthday, but it’s more of a summer/hiking/need hands free kind of bag. What I really wanted to get this time, was a Fossil key-per shopper, but they don’t sell the rounded bottom, laminated one anymore. I couldn’t find one on ebay in the print I wanted either, so what’s a girl to do?! Make one, of course.

Since I used a pattern that I found for free online and just modified it a little the bottom is not as rounded. I like it though and am very happy with my new bag. I ordered the laminated fabric from my favorite etsy seller, here and here. The handles are from this etsy shop. I used faux leather handles instead of making my own and I made the bag bigger than the pattern. I also put the pleats in the place I wanted them instead of paying attention to the directions. I rounded the corners and didn’t do the mitered ones, so the bag is flatter, more like a tote bag, but a pretty shape. :)


The lining is cuckoo clocks from the Storybook Lane line by Kelly Lee-Creel for Andover Fabrics. Super fun and pretty! It has 5 pockets inside and a snap to close it (when I don’t cram it too full!)

Here it is full and ready for church – room for everything!


I have plans to make a matching pouch for my planner and notepad, so they don’t get wrinkled in my bag, so the too big, quilted pouch that’s in there now will be gone.

Pretty details:


I sewed the handles on by hand with 6 strands of embroidery thread and added one of my tags. Love my new bag!


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2 Responses to New Year, New Bag

  1. allison says:

    this is really gorgeous, Tabitha….I bet you’ll have a bunch of people asking you to make them one of these :)

  2. Tabitha says:

    This may be a Tabitha only bag. ;) Thank you for the compliments, Allison!

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