Change can be good.


It’s a cold first day of school for these kiddos! 18 degrees when we left the house. Coats and backpacks full of supplies! Kyler helped me drop them off and wanted to be in the picture.

I told you we’d have some changes during January from our normal life. We’ve been homeschooling for the past 5 1/2 years and around Thanksgiving we decided that now was the time to send the kids to public school. While we loved everything homeschool had to offer, the past few months several things made it seem that the time for change was here. While public school wasn’t really our first choice, it is what we can afford and what we feel we are supposed to do at this time. The week before the break we went to both schools our children are attending, filled out necessary paperwork, and took a tour. The two middle kids even got to meet their teachers before the break. I felt good about the decision and nothing happened at either school to make me second guess what we had decided.

Today, everyone went in to their classes without a fight (which kind of surprised me), and Kameron didn’t even say goodbye. Kristopher, however, didn’t have a schedule until this morning and spent the whole first period doing that, going around to his classes, and getting his locker figured out. He looked terrified when I left him, but I think overall the day wasn’t too hard for him. I won’t say that he had fun or is looking forward to going back tomorrow (do any middle schoolers?), but I think once he gets used to it he will be fine.

I am looking forward to just being the mom again. I have spent the last few months so stressed out and feeling so alone and just tired. It seemed like I was always wishing for some moments alone. School was one big fight. I was so busy taking care of everyone else that my health was suffering. I love my children, but I didn’t really enjoy being around them because I.was.always.around.them. Today, I missed them. I couldn’t wait to pick them up and hear all about the fun they had or didn’t have. I enjoyed some quiet time. I worried about them. I played with Kyler and he got to have some time alone with Mommy. I didn’t feel like I had to be everything to everyone. Sometimes time apart can be good because it makes the being together that much better. I still think homeschool is wonderful and if it is what we are called to do again sometime we’ll do it, but I feel like everything worked out so well and is going well, for us, in this new adventure. Change can indeed, be good.


The kindergartener, third grader, and seventh grader still half asleep.

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  1. allison says:

    blessings to you and your family on your new adventure!!! praying for a smooth transition….been there, done that!! They’ll all do so well!!

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