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Change can be good.

I told you we’d have some changes during January from our normal life. We’ve been homeschooling for the past 5 1/2 years and around Thanksgiving we decided that now was the time to send the kids to public school. While … Continue reading

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New Year, New Bag

I’ve been wanting a new bag…yes, another one! Kody bought me the backpack I wanted for my birthday, but it’s more of a summer/hiking/need hands free kind of bag. What I really wanted to get this time, was a Fossil … Continue reading

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In the year 2015, I will be brave. This is my word of the year, and it is extremely fitting for January at the very least. As a family we will be going through some changes and I want all … Continue reading

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Christmas Wishes a.k.a Hints for the Hubs

To make things easier on Kody when he’s shopping, hint hint, I decided to make a list of the things I’d most love to unwrap this Christmas. Perhaps you’ll find an idea here that you want to add to your … Continue reading

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LPL Memphis 2014

I had the opportunity to go to my first Beth Moore, Living Proof Live, conference last weekend. I really hope that it won’t be my only one. It was absolutely amazing. Not because I got to see her, but because … Continue reading

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Quilted Pouches

A few months ago, I was asked by a friend to make a quilted pouch for her daughter’s glass medicine bottles. They had to be in an anti static bag of a certain size, and she just wanted a case … Continue reading

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Charleston, Day 5

Yesterday was our last day in Charleston. We slept in and packed up just in time to check out of our hotel. It was nice to be able to leave our bags with the bell hop while we had one … Continue reading

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