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New Things Happening

Hey there, everyone. I am sorry for the long absence, but I just haven’t felt like I had much to say for awhile. I had a great birthday last month, probably the best birthday I’ve ever had (or at least … Continue reading

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The Best Carrot Cake Cupcakes

I made these cute and so yummy cupcakes for our Sunday School party and Easter day dessert last weekend. I must share the recipe since everyone who tried one thought they were the best! I started off with this recipe … Continue reading

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Forget the Frock a.k.a Easter 2014

I started shopping for Easter dresses for Taylor and I months before Easter, and ordered shirts for the boys too. Then, I found out about Forget the Frock and decided to return the original shirts for the boys and save … Continue reading

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Becoming a grown-up

Everyday, it seems like I have to come more and more to terms with the fact that Kristopher is not really a child anymore. Technically, he is, but he acts and has to act more like a grown-up with each … Continue reading

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Happy 3rd Birthday to my Baby!

Kyler is 3 today, but he will always be my baby since he’s my last. Love his sweet blonde curls and his beautiful smile which he shares freely. He is always so sweet and snuggly.

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Calling All Superheroes

This is “party year” for the kids, so they each get to have a birthday party. Next year will be “not a party year” This may not be how we always do birthday stuff, but for now it is working. … Continue reading

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Super Masks

This weekend will be Kyler’s birthday and party, so I have been busily planning for it. We decided to do a superhero theme (but not one in particular), since he loves to play with and pretend to be superheroes. He … Continue reading

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