Big News

Well, it has been forever since I have written a ‘News Entry’. I just have a couple of things to share today. I no longer work at Westside Veterinary Service in Murray, KY. My last day was August 14th. Kody and I decided that I needed to be home with Kristopher, instead of sending him to a babysitter, that we barely know. Kristopher is very excited about me being home and so am I!

We also have some BIG news. I am pregnant, so we are having another baby! I went to the doctor (actually I saw a nurse practitioner) last Friday. She told me all the good things I am supposed to be doing (excercise and what to eat, since I am a vegetarian). She also got me a prescription for pre-natal vitamins that are chewable:) My due date is April 6, and I will be having a c-section for sure this time! So far I have been having some trouble with nausea, but haven’t gotten too sick yet. I will try to do better with the news and keep everyone updated. We are all very excited about having another baby!

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