runover by socks

I have decided over the last few months that I love socks! I mean I was crazy about socks before, but now that I can knit socks they are even better. I have made several pairs, although only 1 has been completed for me, and I can’t stop thinking about what yarn and pattern I want to use next – hence the reason there is only one pair for me done. Below you will see pictures of the ones I have finished so far. Right now I am trying to finish two pairs for myself: Ribbed Cable Socks from Interweave (pattern on their site) and the Fancy Silk Socks from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. The rib cable socks have 1 lonely sock without the second cast on…I know I’m playing with fire there. The others I have just started in a handpainted (just for me) yarn by Susie Grougan. The colorway is called “Tabitha’s Socks”…I’ll try to show it soon, don’t have time to take a picture just now. It has blues and browns and white and is beautiful. The rib cable socks are in a handpainted yarn off of ebay – a dark pink and brown mix. I hope to finish these two pairs before my first sock kit arrives from Blue Moon Fiber Arts in February. I joined the Rockin’ Sock Club this year and can’t wait to see what the colors and patterns will be!
The pictures below are: My Patons SWS boot socks, Stripey socks for my Mom’s birthday last year, Cowgirl (modified for thinner sock yarn) socks for my MIL from IK winter 2006 & Log Cabin socks from Handknit Holidays for my Mom. You may notice that the socks appear to be hanging off my toes (not the SWS pair)…that is because they are sized for a medium woman’s foot and I will forever be wearing a kids size 3 shoe.

Now it’s time to get the kids up and Kristopher to “school”.

01-10-07 My SWS Socks (1)08-16-06 Mommy's Socks (2)12-04-06 Janet's Socks (1)12-29-06 Socks for mommy
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  1. Kim says:

    I came over from Miriam’s blog to see your shawls! Gorgeous! Also, I have about size 3 (well, 3.5) feet too! But they’re wide (basically rectangular) so I end up wearing anywhere from a 6W to 7M. I’d really love a size 3.5WWW but they’re kind of hard to find. ;)

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