Silent Poetry Reading

Since today is (silent) poetry reading day in the blogging world I decided to throw one of my own favorites up here! I have been a poetry lover since high school – you know, when we had to read it. As an elective my junior year I chose a poetry class which was wonderful and have loved it ever since. I also was in a poetry club, but I only remember us meeting a maximum of five times…

Probably my most favorite poem of all time is The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost, but I’m sure everyone has heard that. I am also a lover of anything that Shel Silverstein has written. Since I have been knitting the last couple of years, my favorite of his (for the moment) is THE WEAVERS.

The Weavers by Shel Silverstein from Falling Up

I was sittin’, I was knittin’
On a sweater I could wear.
When I finished, I said proudly,
“Hey, I’ve done some weavin’ there.”
But ol’ spider on the wall said,
“Can you do it in the air?
Can you spin it out of gossamer
From the ceiling to the stair?
Can you let the wind blow through it
So it sways but doesn’t tear?
Then can you grab onto it
And swing lightly on a hair?
When you can–then you may truly say,
‘I’ve done some weavin’ there.'”

In other news: I finished the bag I was working on and am felting it now. I hope to show finished pictures of it tomorrow or Sunday! Tomorrow I am hoping to get some knitting time on Taylor’s jumper and also a little time to clean up/rewind some of my leftover yarn from recent projects. I’d like to get reorganized and finished a couple of UFO’s before I start anything else.

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