As promised

Here is the update I promised:)

05-14-07 Uptown ProgressThe Uptown Boot Socks are getting closer to done, but not close enough for me. I still love them, but they aren’t going as quickly now. I tried the first one on one or ten times and decided that it would really be better if it had a few more rows, so I ripped back the toe decreases and added 3 and then decreased down to 8 sts instead of 12. I still have to kitchener up the toe though. I’m still not sure it is going to be right, but “we’re sure hopin’!” (you’d have to watch the bonus features on Jonah: A Veggietales Movie to get that…) So I am about halfway down the second cuff and wishing that the pair was finished and out of sight for a bit, even though I still love the pattern and yarn. I’m just bored with them I guess.

I have a baby shower to attend this Saturday, so I am trying to finish up a couple of small gifts to go with the sleeper I bought. First is Sheldon the Turtle from knitty. I’m not going to call him Sheldon…I think I’ll let his new family name him. New mommy loves turtles and I thought he’d be fun to knit. I am using Knitpicks telemark instead of shine as called for. I can’t remember what colors these are, I’ll put them up when he’s finished. Since the photo was taken I have added another leg and a half to the finished pile:) I also wanted to use my leftover Monsoon to make the new little boy some camouflage-y socks. So far they are really cute! I did the entire first one in about 1.5 hours this morning. I think I am still going to have a bit leftover after they are done though!

05-14-07 Sheldon the Turtle05-14-07 Baby Monsoons

I am still working on the bolero for Taylor and the rib cable socks from Favorite socks, but I forgot to take pictures of those, again.

05-12-07 WalletsI finished the tote bag for Kristopher’s teacher in time and she loved it! Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it before giving it to her. I’ve done that several times now and really need to take the picture as soon as I finish something. I also made these little wallets for the ladies at the front desk (who do a little bit of everything at Westside’s MDO), but forgot to take pictures before giving them as well. The asian print one is mine, the yellow one was a gift for my mother in law and the other one doesn’t have a home yet. I want to make some that are a little wider maybe with cardboard in the sides so that I can use them as photo envelopes. I have been wanting something to carry some 4×6 photos in my bag so that they wouldn’t get ruined, but don’t want to buy one of the fancy ones.

Maybe I can tell you more about my upcoming sweater project by the end of this week if I get some things completed. Have a nice week everyone!

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