Taylor’s Room

We finally have Taylor’s room finished with furniture and everything the way it will be until she moves into a twin bed! That may be sometime in the next year, but I wanted to finally post something with before and after shots.

When we first came to look at the house we took pictures, so we could remember and show the house to people when we talked about it. We really thought this was the one when we first saw it, so we were excited. However Kody was the one taking the pictures so he took more of some things than others… Taylor’s room to be only got this one shot. You can see that it has blue walls and cream trim. The closet door had a deadbolt instead of a doorknob. You can’t see the light, but it was an ugly rectangular fluorescent fixture that probably belonged inside a shop more than a bedroom;) There was also a hole cut in the wall behind the door (presumably to get into the attic space), but it wasn’t finished and just sat there open leaking air and bugs.

Her room has been mostly finished for some time, but we just got her dresser and bookshelf last week so I didn’t want to post pictures of all her stuff sitting on the floor looking messy;) Her walls are now lavender with white trim (which she picked out). She has lovely silver doorknobs on the closet and door to the hall (courtesy of Grandpa). The light fixture is now a pretty silver one, which I don’t have in a photo here. The dresser, bookshelf and toy rack are all from Target. We’re thinking that by the time she gets a twin bed she might be done with the kitchen so that will give her more room there. She has my old desk from my aunt and uncle which I loved and Kristopher used, but is really too big for now. I still would like to change the color again, but we’ll see if I get time for that! Some other things you can see in her room are special to me and I hope that they will become special to her someday: cross stitched picture of ballerinas done by my grandmother for my mom when she was little; my mirror from when I was little, a box that I hand-painted for her last summer with her name on it; a hat rack made for her when she was born, by my best friend:); a doll cradle given to me by my grandparents when I was young; and a hair bow holder that I made for her (this morning) using one of our wedding frames.

I guess the room isn’t still totally finished;) Her mirror still needs to be hung. I have the fabric here to make her a twin sized quilt. It is from Moda’s Full Moon Forrest line. When I do that I will also be making white curtains with patchwork trim to match. I am really excited about those things and can’t wait to get started if I get a little time and a clean office to start in! I have enjoyed making her room into a beautiful place and I hope that she enjoys her own space for years to come. She has been spending a lot of time up there since we put her furniture in and got all her toys organized!

Have a great day everybody!

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  1. allison says:

    her room looks really beautiful! good job, tabitha!

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