Mother’s Day crafts

I hope all the mommies out there had a nice Mother’s Day! We went to church and then I got to relax some, while Kody and the kids took care of things around the house. It was a nice day spent with the people I love!

Here are some cards I made for the day (and some leftover for another day!) I also finally made the replacement purse for my mom that I started gathering supplies for a year ago, at least. I hope she likes it and that maybe it won’t wear out as quickly since I used suede instead of quilting cotton. It is the same shape as the last one I made her, since she said that’s a good shape. I found the fabric panel with the horses on ebay and the suede is leftover upholstry fabric from when I redid our kitchen chairs. The inside is lined with maroon cotton. I always have trouble picking out a lining fabric that looks good.

Card template found here.

We have a busy evening ahead with Taylor’s soccer game and Kristopher’s last cub scout meeting for the year. I am ready for summer and a little bit of a break. I’m not sure that summer is when I get one though!! Ha! We’ve got one or two trips planned and summer reading at the library and TNT at church and VBS (I hope!) and scout day camp and homeschool preparations! Doesn’t sound like much of a break to me… I’m sure we will have fun though:)

I hope everyone has a safe and good week!

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