Soft House

We are, once again, participating in the Summer Reading Program at our library. Every Monday is a fun program for the kids and during the week we read, read, read! Last week we went to the library 3 times to get more books and I really enjoyed two that we read. First, is Mama Always Comes Home by Karma Wilson. This story was sweet for small children who don’t yet understand that Mama does always come home. It had beautiful pictures (always something that I enjoy) and vibrant colors. It is written in poetic form which also helps small attention spans:) I am planning to get this one!

The other book that I really enjoyed, as did my children, was Soft House by Jane Yolen. This was a sweet sibling story and also included something my children love to do. The pictures were also nice and it was a pretty book (though not as pretty as the other one.) After reading it, this is what Kristopher and Taylor did upstairs. Kody later helped them make a “better” one in each of their rooms. They have enjoyed playing in “tents” that we’ve made in the living room before, but I think they liked this even more.

So, if you’re looking for a good book for young children these are two good choices:) Have an awesome day!

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