Our Sunroom

Here is a post dedicated to our [almost] completed sunroom. I told you all that I would let you see the rooms of our home as they are finished and I am just not patient enough to wait for the few things we have left in this one! Here is a picture of what it looked like when we moved in:

mustard-y tan walls and vinyl flooring…so not working for us. We actually changed it to light blue first and some of our friends painted it for us right after we moved. We weren’t feeling that either though, so finally we decided on a light gray around the first of this year (after a year and a half of living here.) At first I thought gray would be dull and boring for a sunroom, but I love it. Our floor is laminate that matches our kitchen – I love it too! While I love blue and have it all over my house, I decided that since I’ll be using the sunroom as my “studio” partly I want something fun that is just for me and I’m going with pink accents for now.

The white cabinet holds all of my fabric and ribbons and part of my yarn. The laundry “room” is also in the sunroom and we have folding doors that go on there, but they aren’t up yet. I have blue accents in there because I know I’ll never tire of blue! *Edited to add – I forgot to talk about the blue window! This is a window that was originally in this house and they were all piled up when we moved in. I wanted to do something fun with one, so I scraped it a little to make it rough looking, then spray painted it blue and added a mist of white. In person it looks kind of speckled. I also added 3 hooks at the bottom which will hold small bags for rags and single socks. The words above the window are from Uppercase Living and I bought them long before we bought the house, but they were a perfect fit in there!* Right next to our sliding door we hung the coat racks. We found this winter that these are VERY useful:) Eventually we will have a shoe bench there as well, but someone is going to have to build one! I know what I want to make, just haven’t had the time and supplies.

On the other side of the room is my workspace. My sewing desk, a hand-me-down from a friend is working out great, even if it isn’t white. It had a little round table with it that now has “stuff to get rid of” under it and my Epic 6 cutter on top. Above it you can see the owl family tree that I made. I bought the chair from a local thrift store and painted it white and recovered it with cute fabric (Kokka Trefle Schoolhouse/Playground) that matches my bulletin board that I also made. I realized while redoing this chair that I do not like to redo furniture and I do not like to paint furniture. I don’t mind the recovering part, but the painting and sanding and what-have-you is not fun. The chair has lots of mistakes too, but it will do… We have to replace the ceiling fan with a white one, fix the step up into the kitchen, and paint the trim around the windows, but I am very happy with the way the room has turned out. I like to just go out and sit there and look around. Eventually, it might be nice to have a big chair or love seat out there for visiting or to accommodate children while I’m working. This room also goes out onto the deck/backyard and I can sit out there crafting while watching the kids play. Perfect!

Next up – hopefully tomorrow – GARDENING!

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    Looks great, Tabitha!!!!

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