Things I Think Are Funny Today

1.The fact that I call vegetables real and not real when referring to garden fresh and store bought. It’s mostly in my head, thankfully, but is something I still, at 29 years old, do.

2. Being called a “big meanie” by my almost 5 year old daughter and not caring that she just called me that.

3. How my children’s stomachs always have room for dessert. Where, on earth, did they get the idea that we should have dessert at every meal everyday? I sure haven’t given them that so I’m a little confused.

4. No matter how much I clean each day the house looks like a wreck. Seriously, how does anyone keep up with 9 rooms and 3 children and a husband?

5. How everyone else in our town has huge amounts of tomatoes, but we only get one or two a day. Hilarious! And there is nothing I like better than a good ripe tomato in the summer. I could live on them…if they would just grow and ripen. I think I’ll plant twice as many next year.

Anything funny to you today?

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