Another Addition

So…we have waited a while to tell everyone, but our family will be increasing by one in early April. I knew in mid-August that I was pregnant because I started feeling very sick all the time. Last Wednesday I had my first ultrasound and “big” doctor appointment. According to the ultrasound I was exactly 13 weeks that day, so my due date is April 13th. Since I will be having another c-section the baby will be here sooner than that, but I won’t have a date until closer to the time. I will find out boy or girl at the end of November or first week of December. Right around the time my neice is born! Yay!

I am excited! Obviously we are a little nervous, since we’ll now be a part of the “large family” crowd. But I know God will provide and I know everything will work out.

I will try to put an ultrasound picture up later. My scanner isn’t hooked up and I’m not even sure it will work with my laptop, so I may just have to take a picture of them…we’ll see what I can do!

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  1. kay says:

    congratulations! I hope the pregnancy goes well and your baby grows healthy and strong!

  2. allison says:

    that is awesome, tabitha!! praying for an awesome pregnancy for you :)

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