One of those days

First I want to say that I think that some sayings are pretty funny. Take the one above for instance. Why does it have a bad connotation? Why can’t we hear those words and think, “They must be having a really awesome day! I want one of those days.” Or the one I’ve been thinking about most lately: It’s been a long day. I say this at least twice a week and you know what? EVERY day is the same length. So why don’t I just say that it’s been a bad day or a hard day? I think it’s funny to hear and say these things, but I can’t really stop them from coming out of my mouth…

So, here’s why it’s been one of those days. In fact it’s been one of those weeks. We started full force on our school lessons on Monday and school has been going pretty well considering we had a big break and I have a baby and 2 year old to tend to also. We have gotten everything done each day, with minimal whining even, but I haven’t gotten all the cleaning and other stuff done that I should. It’s all starting to back up on me and I’m feeling overwhelmed when I look around. And it seems like the mess-making is getting worse. When I am working in one room someone dumps a whole box of cereal on the floor in another. Or pulls all the flower heads off a vase of flowers. Or drags out a bunch of toys and dumps them when they’ve just been picked up. Or, and this is the best, pulls out several baking supplies (brown sugar, vanilla, pickling salt, etc.) and dumps them in a bowl in the living room and “cooks” on my couch! For real? I’m to the point that I want to lock up the food and then go hide for awhile. Going to need a break for sure after this week, but I’m not likely to get one.

My wish and prayer right now is that we could end the days like we start them – happy and peaceful – but right now I am so stressed out by bedtime that it isn’t a very happy time. Anyone else out there have this struggle going on in your house? Anyone dealt with this in your home or yourself and conquered it? How do you get your stuff all done and then get your “me” time too?

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