A Third of a Year

Kyler turned 4 months old on Saturday the 13th, but I waited to post this until after we visited the doctor today. I wanted to be able to tell you his weight and height. :)

At 4 months old Kyler:

is sleeping 9-11 hours at night, taking a good 3 hour nap each day along with some short cat-naps
is rolling over front to back
is smiling and laughing all the time
is startled more easily than before
is wanting to look around more, and look outward instead of being on my shoulder
weighs 12 lbs 15 ounces, in the 10th percentile, but looks chubby
measures 23.75″ long
has Lyme disease, but is being treated for it and only has the bulls-eye rash as a symptom
has started sucking his thumb more

He is still the best baby I’ve had for sure! Kyler loves looking at people, especially if they’re talking to him. He still has the softest sweet little face and a fuzzy head. Maybe one day he’ll have some hair instead of having peach fuzz! When he is tired he likes to snuggle, just like Kameron did. I love my sweet boys!

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