“Necessity is the mother of invention.”

Or, as the case is here right now, ambition.

I realized, with the arrival of November 1st, that I am running out of Christmas preparation time. I usually have a closet full of things that I have bought throughout the year that I can hop from and I usually have kind of an idea of what few gifts I’ll need to make for people by that time. This year, however, I have very few things in the closet (this situation was made even worse by some mice that ate parts of a pair of socks and fleece sweatshirt for Kyler.) With 4 children and not a big amount of extra budgeted money for Christmas gifts, I was in despair! So, I’m feeling rather ambitious now. I sat down with some of my books and made a rather large list of things to make between now and Christmas. I’ve even gotten started, as is evidenced above. That is Kyler’s soon to be hat, made from Malabrigo. Tonight I’ll be scouring the fabric cabinet to get some of the other things started. When I’m not preparing for the yard sale that we’re having tomorrow, on top of the last soccer games of the season. And I guess I really need to clean off my sewing desk so I have a place to create. Don’t laugh, I’ve totally got this. :-D

Here’s my list:

At least 3 Composition Notebook covers (Sewing Bits & Pieces)
Pirate Quilt – not sure on the size yet
Robot toddler bed quilt
Little Red Rding Hood cape for Taylor (either Small Things from Oliver & S or Growing Up Sew Liberated)
at least 2 flower headbands
Pants for Kyler (Handmade Beginnings)
Knit Hat and Bear hood for Kyler (my head, Small Things – Oliver & S)
Envelope Tee for Kyler (Growing Up Sew Liberated)
Pairie Blouse for Taylor (Seams to Me)
UK quilt/blanket
Flower clips
Ruffled Camera Strap
A couple of zip pouches (Sew Darn Cute)
Possibly an Art Satchel (Growing Up Sew Liberated)

I made a list last year and shared it. I did complete some of it and I think it helped to have it on the WWW to keep me accountable. So, ask me if I’m getting things done every so often and I’m sure I can do it! Once again, don’t laugh!

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