Growing Up

I’ve been thinking, all day, about how my boys are becoming so grown up. I know that this is good and a part of parenting, but it’s so sad and hard to let certain times go!

Kyler started eating cereal on Monday. He has eaten it everyday this week now and loves it! My last new baby time is over though. I am already missing the “newborn – just wants to be held all the time” stage. He is wanting to play more and be down where he can move around. At almost 8 months I guess that he’s a little behind, but I might have tried to hold him back just a little. He has been “talking” and laughing more this week too. He’s such a big boy, but will always be my little cutie!

Kameron (I hardly want to say this!) is potty trained! He has used the potty for 4 days now with only a couple of accidents and today he didn’t have any accidents. :) While the growing up part of potty training is sad, I am so glad that it is finally over with!! Potty training really is the worst part of having young chlidren.

This year when we started getting Christmas stuff out Kristopher wasn’t as excited as he normally is. He has always wanted to help decorate and look at all the ornaments and stuff. He hardly even glanced at the boxes and didn’t want to help with the trees this year. He was a bit distracted by other things going on here, but still. It seems like such a grown up man thing to ignore the decorating. I’m not ready for him to turn 10 in a little over a month. Going to be some ‘mommy tears’ in January…just so you know.

I know I have a girl. Taylor is growing up too, but nothing prominent has happened this week to make her stand out. Or maybe I’m just ready for her to do a little growing up. ;)

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